Founded in 2005 as a small workshop, Arkem Kemer has become one of the leading companies in the sector with investments made over time by R&D and TECHNOLOGY. The company does not compromise on the quality giving to the educated administrative staff and technology. Increasing the business alliance with customers and continuity in quality is the VISION of our company. To do our job in the best way, To improve continuously and contribute to our customers' dignity is our company MISSION. Arkem Kemer produces over 1200 m2 in Merter which is Istanbul's fashionable textile center. Our company, which is based on the technological backing, is unrivaled in Turkey with production of 400 000 belts per month. Starting with NEW TRENDS and NEW PRODUCTS in every season, the company constantly improves the product range and climbs the fashion steps very fast. Arkem Kemer will continue to be your solution partner with the trust it gives to the customers.

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